10 reasons why you should use Uber in london



Here are 10 reasons to motivate you to try Uber in London! After that we bet that you will say goodbye to those black cabs!

1 / The choice of cars

You have 3 kind of cars UberX (basic cars like a Toyota Prius), UberEXEC (Executive Cars like a Mercedes e-class), UberLUX (the top of the line, Mercedes s-class etc…)

2 / no need to hand cash to the driver

After your journey your card is automatically debited from the amount, plus you will have a detailed map of your journey

3 / not happy with the price you paid? Ask for a fare review!

On my first ride with Uber (UberLUX) the driver was completely lost and could not find my hotel. The Uber team added some credit to my account to compensate for the drivers lack of knowledge. How cool is that?!

4 / No longer lost things in cabs!

Well there’s function specially built for that! You cna let your driver know that you lost something in your car. Now this precious phone of yours will never be lost again.

5/ Arrive in style!

Well this mostly apply to UberEXEC and UberLUX, you will arrive in style to your meeting! And if your meeting is taking place in a location with a doorman (Hotels, etc…) you will feel like royalty!

6 / easy to use app

You pinpoint your location on the app, not targeting enought? You can type in your pick-up location AND your destination! The app is available for Android and IOS.

7 / fare estimate

You can use the Uber site or use the built in function in the app to get an estimate of your journey according to the car you want! And you can use a uber promo code london to get a discount 😉

8 / Your chauffeur open the door for you!

Well, it’s always nice isn’t it? :)

9 / UberX is cheaper than black cabs!

Yes, it’s up to 20% cheaper than black cabs!

10 / A great support

Maybe the most important thing! The Uber team is always listening to your feedback.


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