What is missing with Uber London?

Don’t get us wrong we love Uber London, but we feel that if Uber London added these changes it would be the most perfect app in the market!

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Request only black cars

Most of the UberEXEC and UberLUX have black cars but from time to time you will get a grey car. An option to only request black cars would be amazing for the users of UberEXEC and UberLUX.

Multiple drop-off points

With their new turn-by-turn navigation Uber already greatly helped their driver getting you to your destination the best way possible. We think that having the possibility to add multiple drop off points would make it even better!

Add a list of favourite drivers

Having a list of favourite drivers would be great add-on to the app! For example, when requesting a car the app would search first if one of the driver in your list is available and if not it will proceed on the usual way of locating a driver.

Add A drivers blacklist

Same way the favourite list work, this would be to never have a bad driver again. By putting a driver in the blacklist he will be ignored when you request a driver on the app.

We believe that with this changes the Uber London app will be the best app available for private hire!

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