How to split fare with Uber?

Are you sharing a Uber with friends? Here’s how to split the fare!

So, you had a great meat at your favourite restaurant and your friends and yourself are going home. Naturally you decide to use an Uber!

With Uber your friends and yourself can split the fare and avoid the “you pay and I’ll pay you back later“. To proceed it’s simple, after requesting a ride click on the arrow next to your driver’s information and select “split fare“. After that select your friends – if some of your friends don’t have a Uber account they will receive an inviation to open one – valid your selection and you are set! Your friends will receive a notification in their app asking them if they want to split the fare with you.

If it’s also your first ride for one of your friends or yourself, don’t forget to use a uber london promo code!

split fare uber
It’s easy to split fare with Uber!


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