Uber London vs Drivr

Drivr is another company providing high-end in London car with an app. Let’s see what they offer!

Drivr provide two type of car package: “Drivr” and “Executive“. “Drivr” get you a classy car (it’s their own term) while “Executive” will give you a high-end car.

But that’s it, unlike Uber there’s no mention of the type of car you will get. You will have to do a test booking to see what kind of car you would get. “Drivr” will get you an e-class (or similar) and “Executive” will get you an s-class (or similar).

The minimum fare for “Drivr” is 10£ (same as the UberEXEC package) but the minimum fare for “Executive” is 20£ (UberLUX is 14£)! Plus, it looks like they doesn’t offer the use of promo codes, unlike Uber where you can use a Uber London promo code to get a discount off your first ride.

Again, Uber is definitely the winner here. Why? Uber is cheaper and more transparent on what car you’re going to get.

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