Uber vs Wheely: Round 2

Last night we had the chance to try Wheely (they sent us a car this time). 

We had booked their new services Wheely Vip (You get a luxury car like Uber Lux) for 7PM.

Once the driver was en route (we were sent a text) we could not track him on the app since it was still crashing. At 6:45Pm we get out to wait for him and see that he’s already there! But he did not let us know that(not text, etc…)

The car was a BMW series 7, it was raining and the driver didn’t even acknowledge us. We had to tap on his window to let him know we were here.

Wheely says that their driver open the door for you, provide you with an umbrella, etc… Well none of that happened last night, the driver told us to “get in” and proceeded to drive. During the drive the radio was blasting rap music, he never asked us our preferences or whatsoever.  Despite entering a street number, the driver just dropped us as a random number at the opposite road of where he was supposed to drop us.

Wheely “Vip”service is really a big joke.

To get back we used Uber London Lux option, we had an Audi A8 with a great driver picking us in a 5 minutes timeframe. Opening the door at the pick up and the drop off etc… this is a what we call lux service! If you want to try it you can use our uber promo code london “ubermerlo42” to get a 10£ discount on your first ride!

If you would like to try Wheely you can use use Wheely promo code London “EW639” to get 15£ off your first ride with Wheely.

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