Uber are giving away WorldCup shirts #UberCupSelfie

Just like we said on our previous post, Uber love to give away free stuff and again they are showing it!

So, what are they giving away this time? Well, since it’s the Word Cup Uber London are giving away official England WorldCup shirts! Plus they are also giving away credits, it can be helpfull if you don’t have a Uber promo code london!

To win those prizes it’s easy, take a selfie (alone or with some friends) before a  match and tweet it or put it on instagram with the hashtag #UberCupSelfie. Do’nt forget to also wirte your predictions for the match!

HINT: Wear facepaint, show your team colors, etc…

Uber London will also be running a game trivia on their Twitter, you can read more about it here.

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