UberX vs UberTAXI

This two are most likely to compete against each other so let’s see which one you need to use!

UberX was Uber London low cost solution, with a minimum fare of only 6£ they were the taxi solution for Uber users. But now with the addition of UberTAXI to the Uber London range, Uber users are now being offered a cheaper option to choose from.

So which one should you choose? For now there’s not much UberTAXI on the roads, you are most likely to get a UberX before a UberTAXI. But when UberTAXI will be as popular as UberX, you might wonder which one to use!

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If you need a car for a small journey in London we recommend UberTAXI, but if you need a car for a longer journey (an airport transfert in london for example) UberX will be best! UberX have a trunk, something the typical black cab doesn’t have (holding to your suitcase for an hour is not really solution).

Depending on your journey’s type both of them are a cheap solution to travel in London!

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