What is wrong with Wheely

And why they can’t reach the level of Uber London.

The first – and only – time we used Wheely was the 5th February. We booked our car in advance for a meeting at 3PM the day before, 5 minute before the pick up time we get a call telling us that the card will be late by 20 minutes.

How come by booking a car a day before, you can’t get it to show up on time? We had a meeting and could not afford to be late so we used Hailo (Yes, unfortunately in that time we were not aware of Uber and their great Uber london codes to try them!)

The Russian start-up Wheely is having a tough time to compete against Uber in London, and we can understand why. Uber can get you a better car (Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 or a BWM Series 7) and faster than Wheely.

If you want to try Wheely you can use the code EW639 to get a 15£ discount on your ride!


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